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Scalable E-commerce

From a hot-dog stand all the way up to a multi-national retail chain. If your business sells things, we can provide a solution built to fit your size.

Tailored Web Solutions

Have your application work on any device that your audience uses. Receive an experience customized to the context you're in.

Engaging design

Illustration work, web design, branding, mixed media publishing (including traditional and not-so-traditional print). Fresh, functional and to the point.


Website, application, branding.
Or maybe just a set of icons.


We Opensource

Our philosophy is to not only draw from opensource but also contribute as much as possible.


E-commerce. For Python. No frameworks attached.


A forkable Django store powered by Satchless.


A multi-gateway payment library for Django.

Hungry for more opensource goodness?

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Meet the Mirumees

Our humble bunch of geeks, developers & artists

Mirek Mencel CEO, developer

Mirek Mencel

Patryk Zawadzki Development lead

Patryk Zawadzki

Paweł Janczarek Creative lead

Paweł Janczarek

Mateusz Dereniowski Python developer

Mateusz Dereniowski

Michał Ociepka Python/front-end developer

Michał Ociepka

Paweł Kowalewski Front-end developer

Paweł Kowalewski

Marcin Gębala Python developer

Marcin Gębala

Artur Smęt Python developer

Artur Smęt

Adam Bogdał Python developer

Adam Bogdał

Marta Mądra Office manager

Marta Mądra

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