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Mirumee integrated well with multiple teams, delivered results quickly and reliably, and adapted easily to changes. The team was engaged and offered valuable recommendations on deployment flow changes and version management. The only reason I wouldn’t recommend them, is because I want to work with them.
CTO, Lulu Press

Christoph Kepper, CTO, Lulu Press

I was most impressed with how Mirumee operated as an extension of our team. They collaborated easily, completing all deliverables on time and according to budget. Thanks to a focused, effective scrum master, their team stayed on-task, and communication was simple. Mirumee’s commitment to their work and to the project’s success made them stand out from competitors.

Christoph Kepper, CTO, Lulu Press

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We deliver solutions that fit the long-term strategy of your company. Running a business is like running a marathon; you need software that will keep pace.