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Transparency and quality of code are absolute priorities. We have been giving back for over 15 years and are engaged as a major player within the open-source community!

As #1 Python ecosystem contributors, we want to mention following initiatives:



Originated at Mirumee, Saleor Commerce now stands as the most advanced headless e-commerce platform, taming multi-channel, multi-warehouse, multi-language, and multi-currency complexity for global brands. While Mirumee remains one of the most active contributors to Saleor's thriving ecosystem, we are experts in integrating composable commerce using the industry's leading CMS, CRM, fulfillment API, PIM, POS, and ERP systems.



Constantly growing Python library for implementing GraphQL servers using a schema-first approach. Fully asynchronous, enabling easy implementation of custom GraphQL services, and full interoperability with all web frameworks. Created to help front-end and back-end teams to cooperate effectively.


Graphql Wroclaw

The fastest-growing open-source GraphQL-first e-commerce platform in the world. Our speakers are GraphQL creators like Lee Byron, GraphQL Working Group members and major contributors like The Guild, Apollo, Hasura or Prisma. We are actively developing the global GraphQL community by maintaining close relationships with other Meetups around the world.

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