Senior Front-end Developer

Wrocław / Piła

Your profile:
  • Software architecture skills
  • Project leadership experience
  • Familiarity with Scrum methodology and its roles
  • Deep understanding of JavaScript
  • Familiarity with modern ECMAScript specification
  • Experience in communicating with REST and GraphQL APIs
  • Knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 with preprocessors and frameworks
  • Practical experience with tools such as Webpack, NPM, DevTools
  • Experience with version control systems
  • Taking full responsibility for the projects you create
  • Good command of English (both written and spoken)
Nice to have:
  • Public speaking and article writing skills
  • Experience with an open source development
Your responsibilities:
  • Supervising and mentoring team members
  • Leading the building of Single Page Applications in React.js
  • Working with server-side application templates
  • Ensuring the high quality of all code translated from designs and wireframes
  • Communicating with REST and GraphQL APIs
We offer:
  • Personal development in the fast growing industry powered by the latest technologies
  • Working on the long-term ambitious and international projects
  • A fun and friendly working environment in the city center
  • Flexible working hours with the possibility of remote work
  • Work-life balance (and we mean it!)
  • And much more!

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Mirumee, Tęczowa 7
53-601 Wrocław,

What to expect on your interview

No whiteboards, no riddles.
Pair programming and code review using one of the issues (or Pull Requests) in our open-source Saleor project, plus a general discussion about programming, technology and your experience.

Send your CV (in Polish or in English), Portfolio or Github


30-60 minutes theoretical interview directly related to the skills required on your position.


30-60 minutes of pair programming or working on a task independently (we provide all the hardware required).


Discussion about your experience and responsibilities in your previous projects. Q&A. Meeting with Mirumee team members.

You are the chosen one

We build solid and maintainable products

You can work in one of the world’s best Django teams.

You will have the chance to experience challenging large-scale e-commerce in action, which is both modern and bespoke. You will be able to work with us on non trivial problems, learn new technologies, participate in conferences of your choice and work side by side with our best programmers on valuable open-source projects.

Code quality
Worldwide clients & challenges
Creative enviroment
Rooted in open-source culture
Great team work
Importance of the detail

You will work with modern tools

We are proactive partners with our clients. We use tools we see as the best fit. We often include cutting-edge technologies in our work and research. We love challenging ourselves and we tweak our toolkit on daily basis.

This is how you would progress at Mirumee

We are focused on your progress - If you still lack experience or expertise in some field, our goal is to help you become an outstanding senior developer. If you are already confident about your skills, we will put you in the driving seat and give you the enviroment to further progress your leadship skills and other competencies.

If you’re a JUNIOR...

We offer mentorship and growth. We will give you time, and resources, to gain great experience working side by side with more experienced developers.
You will receive code review feedback and guidance. We will also watch you closely and as soon as you are ready to increase your responsibility, we will eventually put you in charge of a smaller project.


Then you will have plenty of opportunities to sit in the driver’s seat. You will be responsible for architectural decisions, planning and most likely will be in charge of a small team, that is if you want to be a leader.
Our effort will focus on helping you grow your leadership skills and aquire new experience with the latest trends and tools.


I remember the feeling when my code was merged to our commercial client’s existing system for the first time. It was a milestone in my career. I felt a great responsibility and satisfaction that people in the real world were using software that I helped to build.

Weronika Terpiłowska

Front-end Developer

I think that you should always do things you love and constantly strive for a better self. I've been working at Mirumee for several years but I still feel that I am evolving and broadening my horizons. Working in a friendly atmosphere with people I can always count on reinforces my belief that I am exactly where I should be.

Adam Bogdał

Senior Python Developer


This does not really make us special. This is also not something we would like to brag about. Your comfort and health is super important to us. After all, who doesn’t like to grab some snacks now and then or go to an interesting conference?

Happy programmers means progress. Progress means great products.

geek playground ps wii oculus
Food & Snacks
Bike Friendly
English lessons with native speaker

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