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Between patchy integrations and chaotic spreadsheets, many multi-store marketplaces are a castle of cards – one human error away from crumbling. That’s why we at Mirumee help marketplaces owners and sellers reach a smooth and scalable experience.

Premiere Technology

We are constantly evolving and expanding our knowledge of new technologies and tools.

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Using Saleor
for best multi-vendor

We have successfully maintained legacy stores, migrated them to more reliable platforms, as well as created them from scratch to fit the needs of our partners.

For reliable multi-vendor marketplaces, we endorse and actively contribute to Saleor ,the premier open source, API-first ecommerce platform.

Compared to other platforms, Saleor is designed for multi-channel experience and composability, offering cost-control and ease of customization.

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I was most impressed with how they operated as an extension of our team.
Product Manager, Butterfly Network, Inc.

Addressing marketplace challenges

Marketplace owners should be able to focus on finding and nurturing the best suppliers and vendors. Drawing from our extensive experience collaborating with leading brands, we assist in the search for tailor-made solutions that perfectly fit your requirements.

  • Comprehensive documentation and dedicated support for developers so we can extend the platform together according to specific requirements

  • Automatic tax calculations based on the shopper regions and jurisdictions

  • Issue identification and addressing bottlenecks impacting the transactional part of the system

  • Feature to create SKUs without price, with final price depending on the agreement between buyer and seller

  • Cloud setup with limitless growth, but predictable Total Cost of Ownership and emergency stopgaps

  • User accounts with hierarchies and specific permission for dedicated teams

  • Built-in dashboards covering key metrics, also allowing for customizable visualizations

  • Modular architecture that uses pre existing blocks, keeping costs and development time down

  • Interactive recommendation engine that leverages behavioral data to maximize basket value

  • Flexible storefront that allows your store to stand out among competition

  • Data securely stored, independent from other vendors

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Inventory management and fulfillment

Optimize inventory levels and facilitate efficient order processing, enhancing overall fulfillment operations and minimizing stock-related issues.


Monitoring performance metrics

Advanced analytics and reporting tools to track and analyze key performance indicators, facilitating data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement initiatives.


Integration capabilities

Seamless integration with relevant third-party services and tools enabling enhanced functionality and interoperability across your ecosystem.

Cost Tracking

Knowing how much to invest into your store is essential for optimizing resource allocation and increasing profitability. This includes tracking expenses for cloud services, database and server management, and software licensing. We help in analyzing expenses, recommend efficiencies, and implement strategies to reduce costs while keeping the platform sustainable and competitive.

Integrating Marketing Tools

We help you choose the best marketing tools and integrate them into your platform. With them, you can create targeted campaigns, access real-time analytics, and integrate social media channels. They also support omnichannel strategies and marketing automation, helping you engage customers effectively, drive growth, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

Performance Monitoring and Issues Tracking

Using tools and practices to monitor the marketplace's key performance metrics, we look after optimal load times, server response rates, and resource usage. By setting up real-time alerts for deviations from expected performance thresholds, our team can address potential bottlenecks or failures before they impact your system. This ongoing process may involve stress testing the infrastructure, simulating peak loads, and adjusting resources to keep high availability and undisturbed operation under different traffic conditions.

Strengthening Scalability

We regularly explore and suggest cloud solutions, microservices architecture, and other scalable technologies that can boost the performance and flexibility of your marketplace. By focusing on scalability, you can accommodate growth efficiently, handle traffic spikes, and meet changing market demands, ensuring the platform remains robust and efficient for all your vendors.