Technology isn't everything — experience hugely matters.
We love great code but understand that nobody cares how beautiful it is if it's not delivered.

Our team has over 7 years of experience
in building scalable, maintainable and beautiful
web apps & eCommerce.


We know how to build Django applications that scale to handle 4503 requests per minute without caching.


One of the stores we've built uses PostgreSQL to manage 8,187,063 products.


We've built an online book store that uses MongoDB to keep track of information about 12,950,816 titles.


Some of our Elasticsearch clusters search through 8 milion documents in 69 milliseconds. We know Solr too.

12 countries

We've workend with many different payment gateways. One of our storefronts accepts payments in 12 currencies.

Multiple languages

We've built sites that not only come in multiple languages but also provide country-specific address forms and support right-to-left scripts.


We use Docker for development. Some of our projects use containers in production.


We use Locust and data from traffic analytics to build representative scenarios for load testing


We build RESTful APIs but are no strangers to SOAP and WDSL.


We've deployed RabbitMQ in environments that peaked at 2,000 messages per minute.


We're fluent in React. We also used React Native to turn an iPad Pro into a point-of-sale terminal.


We prefer Saleor for e-commerce but we know a lot about Oscar as we helped Tangent Labs build it.


We've built stores where availability and pricing information comes from many fulfilment partners. A typical day has 93,947 stock records updated.

At Mirumee, team is in the frontline, not hidden behind a wall. Thanks to this our team can understand problems better, propose better solutions and provide higher transparency.

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