Turn your ideas
into maintainable software
that lasts

Let’s engineer impressive
digital products together.

We guide our clients through their digital transformation by providing a wide range of services from design and architecture, through business process automation to machine learning. Successful brands and institutions around the world have trusted us to define their technical growth since 2009.

Web apps

Our clients appreciate well-designed and reliable
software. And we love delivering both.

We’re one of the highest regarded Python teams in Europe and the #1 open-source Python contributors in Poland.
We pair that with excellent JavaScript skills. We heart Django, React, APIs and GraphQL.

We deliver solutions that fit the long-term strategy of your company. Running a business is like running a marathon; you need software that will keep pace.

We can help you with all stages of design, starting from branding and information architecture, through wireframes, and completing the cycle with illustration and animation.

Turn your design into fast and responsive single-page applications that work great on the full range of devices. Take advantage of mobile payments, home screen integration, and offline mode.

Integrate with your existing tools or take advantage of new providers by consuming a wide range of APIs. Expose your own data over GraphQL or REST.

Be prepared htmlFor growth. Maintain high availability to avoid costly disruptions. Get the most out of cloud computing platforms like Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud.

High Volume


We build powerful and future-proof e-commerce solutions for high-volume and fast-growing brands.

Saleor mockup
Saleor logo

Meet Saleor
A GraphQL-first e-commerce
platform for perfectionists.

Modern online shop
Build a modern online shop

Implement e-commerce solutions that are designed to last and stay on top of the digital game. We build shops adjusted to specific market needs, thinking mobile-first. Our robust GraphQL API integrates with any third parties that you already use or need. Choose the best solution on the market.

Migrate your store to Saleor

Smash glass ceilings that could stand in the way of rapid business growth. The first thing you notice after the migration is accelerated performance and increased conversion. We cover your technical resources while you can focus on satisfying customers around the globe.

Migrate store

Modern stack, higher conversion, and ultra-fast performance. This is why global brands choose to evolve with Saleor.

High volume
High volume

Milliseconds matter. We help global brands to serve hundreds of thousands of clientswithout breaking a sweat during sales peaks, while managing millions of products.


More than 52% of online traffic comes from mobile. Our solutions are focused on the newest trends and the best practices. We implement PWA to optimize mobile experiences and significantly increase conversion.


An easy-to-navigate and intuitive interface is a must while handling thousands of orders.We analyze the traffic and give precise recommendations to implement at each stage of development.


Team extension

Get access to additional people, experience, and creativity.


Our employees will work with your existing staff, attend your daily scrums, and report directly to your managers. Even if your company is not experienced with remote work, we can suggest tools and methods that keep everyone on the same page, even across time zones.

your team

Based on your requirements, we will carefully assemble a team of engineers and designers to join your effort. Your project will receive their undivided attention. You can think of them as your new satellite office.

Years of

We bring with us the experience of building and shipping numerous successful projects over the last decade.We hire some of the best engineers, with a wide range of specializations, who will actively suggest improvements instead of blindly following the brief.

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Get to the bottom of your business with expert audits, additional insight, and in-depth research.

Proven track record

Almost a decade of supporting global brands, enterprises, and public institutions, as well as building open source software, gives us a wide range of competences and a unique business perspective. We help our clients understand technical aspects of critical business areas and provide them with best practices, along with proven patterns and the right tools.

Solving issues

Can’t fix that pesky bug? Let our engineers have a look. We have experience in test automation and debugging, and we are comfortable working on complex codebases.

We’ve helped our clients identify and repair hard-to-reproduce problems, upgrade their software stacks, and deal with technological debt aggregated over the years.


Technology & Tools

We are constantly evolving and expanding our knowledge of new technologies and tools.

PostgreSQLDockerAmazon Web ServicesRedisDjangoSlackReactPythonGoogle Cloud PlatformElasticsearchCircleCIECMAScript 6

What our clients say about us

Mirumee routinely delivers superior code that’s ready to be reviewed. They pride themselves on functioning like development partners instead of a typical third-party vendor. The team consists of expert Django and Python developers. Their lead developer is a true innovator of e-commerce technology.
Co-founder & CTO, Leaflink

Zach Silverman, Co-founder & CTO, Leaflink