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Top E-commerce Conferences to Attend in 2024

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Top E-commerce Conferences to Attend in 2024
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Top E-commerce Conferences to Attend in 2024
In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, staying updated with the latest trends and strategies is crucial for success. Attending e-commerce conferences and related marketing events can provide valuable insights, networking opportunities, and access to industry experts.

This blog will explore some of the top e-commerce conferences to consider attending in 2024.

We’ll present a list of conferences worth attending in the United States and Europe, either as a visitor eager to grow your career or as an industry leader looking for new connections and leads.

Top E-commerce Conferences to Attend in 2024

Time to talk about must-attend ecommerce conferences!

Calendar — 2024 Events in the eCommerce industry

  • Jan 14–16 — New York City, United States — NRF (National Retail Federation) Retail’s Big Show
  • Jan 24–26 — San Diego, United States — RetailFest US
  • Jan 23–24 — Utrecht, Netherlands — Webwinkel Vakdagen
  • Feb 22 — Miami, United States — Ecommerce Experience Evolution
  • Feb 22 — Berlin, Germany — Ecommerce Berlin Expo
  • Feb 26–29 — Palm Springs, United States — eTail
  • Mar 17–20 — Las Vegas, United States — Shoptalk
  • Mar 25–28 — Las Vegas, United States — Adobe Summit
  • Apr 16–18 — Paris, France — World Retail Congress
  • May 8–9 — Las Vegas, United States — White Label World Expo
  • May 14–16 — Fort Lauderdale, United States — 2024 Sellers Summit
  • May 16 — Los Angeles, United States — Los Angeles eCommerce Summit
  • Jun 4–6 — Chicago, United States — IRCE Retail Innovation Conference & Expo
  • Jun 25–26 — London, United Kingdom — eTail
  • Sep 17–19 — Paris, France — Paris Retail Week
  • Sep 18–19 — London, United Kingdom — Ecommerce Expo
  • Sep 23–25 — Los Angeles, United States — eTail Connect

United States — top eCommerce conferences

NRF (National Retail Federation) Retail’s Big Show (New York City, Jan 14–16 2024)

Retail’s Big Show, hosted in the heart of New York City, stands as one of the largest retail conferences globally.

This event is tailor-made for professionals seeking to stay at the forefront of retail and e-commerce trends. With a vast e-commerce expo showcasing the latest in retail technologies and unparalleled networking opportunities, it’s a must-attend for industry leaders interested in ecommerce trends.

Main industry: Retail

Numbers: 16,000 professionals, 35,000 attendees (2022)

Tip: the free Retail Expo Pass is available only until Jan 1, 2024

More information:

RetailFest US (San Diego, Jan 24–26 2024)

Retail Global, with events in the U.S., New Zealand, and Australia, offers invaluable insights for e-commerce businesses eyeing international expansion. Attendees can expect practical advice and strategies for cross-border sales, along with opportunities to engage with industry leaders.

Organized since 2008, the US edition looks to “bridge the gap between work and fun” with networking parties and dinners in lavish California settings. It’s an attractive option for retail and ecommerce professionals.

Focus: Retail

Numbers: 50+ speakers, 1,500 expected attendees

More information:

Ecommerce Experience Evolution (Miami, Feb 22 2024)

The Ecommerce Experience Evolution is an annual gathering in Miami, FL, bringing together leaders in the tech and eCommerce sectors to share insightful case studies and strategies for ecommerce business optimization.

This event aims to provide a unique opportunity to strengthen your eCommerce ecosystem, acquire tactics for enhancing growth metrics, network with peers, and stay up-to-date with industry trends.

Focus: Retail

Numbers: 20 speakers in 2023

More information:

eTail (Palm Springs, Feb 26–29 2024)

Active since 1999, eTail currently hosts four unique conferences, each marked by intimate settings, a distinguished roster of speakers, and extensive coverage of e-commerce.

These gatherings specifically target executives seeking connections with industry leaders and valuable insights on expanding e-commerce ventures while improving customer experiences.

The 2023 editions happened in August (Boston, MA) and September (Toronto, ON). The second 2024 conference will take place in London.

Focus: e-commerce & omnichannel retail

Numbers: Around 200 companies attended in 2023

More information:

Shoptalk (Las Vegas, Mar 17–20 2024)

Shoptalk has established itself as a premier conference for retail and e-commerce professionals.

Known for its exceptional lineup of industry experts, valuable content, and ample networking, Shoptalk is a pivotal event in the retail industry.

The conference is also renowned for its progressive approach to technology and emerging retail trends, making it an essential gathering for those seeking to enhance customer experiences.

Focus: Retail and brands

Numbers: 10,000 attendees (date not specified)

Tip: the free Retail Expo Pass is available only until Jan 1, 2024

More information:

Adobe Summit (Las Vegas and online, Mar 25–28 2024)

While not exclusively focused on e-commerce, the Adobe Summit covers a wide array of digital marketing topics, including e-commerce. This event holds particular relevance for businesses utilizing Adobe’s suite of tools, featuring numerous sessions dedicated to enhancing user experiences.

Some topics that will be addressed include Analytics, B2B marketing, commerce, Content supply chain, customer data management and acquisition, generative AI, and personalized insights.

It’s worth noting that Adobe Summit is a hybrid event. The online schedule comprises two days, scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, March 26–27, featuring live keynotes, Sneaks, Innovation Super Sessions, and select online sessions with live chat.

Focus: Varied

Numbers: 200+ presentations

Tip: registration is free for online visitors

More information:

White Label World Expo (Las Vegas, May 8–9 2024)

With its flagship event held in Las Vegas, the White Label World Expo spans the retail, e-commerce, and selling/supplying industries comprehensively. Attendees can expect multiple summits, specialized co-located events, and abundant networking and investment opportunities.

The White Label World Expo takes a leading role in educating and showcasing organizations and businesses driving innovations in e-commerce, retail, and environmentally sustainable practices.

Focus: Online retail

Numbers: 300+ exhibitors, 150+ seminars

More information:

2024 Sellers Summit (Fort Lauderdale, May 14–16 2024)

The 2024 Sellers Summit presents itself as a focused three-day ecommerce workshop instead of a regular event, It’s aimed at delivering actionable strategies for attendees to enhance their profitability.

There is a heavy focus on Amazon stores, so be sure to learn all details before joining.

The Sellers Summit offers a curriculum-based experience, providing practical and current ecommerce strategies, along with access to seasoned entrepreneurs. Attendees can tap into a team of experts to improve their branding, sourcing, Amazon sales, advertising, website performance, email funnels, and implement contemporary strategies for business growth.

Focus: Ecommerce

Numbers: limited to around 200 attendees

More information:

Los Angeles eCommerce Summit (Los Angeles, May 16 2024)

The Los Angeles eCommerce Summit is a local assembly of eCommerce professionals, including experts and decision-makers from various sectors, such as retailers, brands, merchants, and solutions providers.

This one-day event is structured to make high-impact impressions, foster idea-sharing, provide education, and facilitate networking. The program features panel discussions, presentations, and one-on-one meetings covering a range of eCommerce topics, including strategy, marketing, operations, customer experience, payment, shipping, loyalty, and more.

Focus: Varied

Numbers: 16 speakers

More information:

IRCE — Retail Innovation Conference & Expo (Chicago, Jun 4–6, 2024)

IRCE stands as a significant event in the e-commerce calendar. It encompasses educational sessions, workshops, and an expansive expo showcasing the latest in e-commerce technologies.

This conference is useful for those seeking a comprehensive overview of the ecommerce industry or aiming to network with a diverse group of e-commerce professionals.

This year, the agenda encompasses a range of topics and will provide insights on aspects such as new customer acquisition strategies, the establishment of paths for omnichannel expansion, proficiency in retail media networks, an examination of current developments within the venture capital sphere, and insights into pertinent social communities for engagement, along with the underlying rationale for their relevance.

Focus: Retail

Numbers: 50+ exhibitors

More information:

eTail Connect (Los Angeles, Sep 23–25, 2024)

eTail Connect is a comprehensive event tailored for e-commerce, digital marketing, and customer experience executives.

It’s an invitation-only event designed for the most senior-level marketing and eCommerce executives representing the largest US retailers and brands. Attendees participate in pre-arranged, in-person meetings, enabling them to explore new growth opportunities and revenue potential, and gain actionable insights.

Focus: Retail

Numbers: Around 180 attendants in 2023

More information:

Europe Top eCommerce Conferences

Webwinkel Vakdagen (Utrecht, Jan 23–24, 2024)

Webwinkel Vakdagen is a significant Dutch e-commerce conference uniting industry experts, solution providers, and online retailers to discuss e-commerce strategies, CX, and digital marketing.

The event offers valuable networking opportunities, informative sessions, and the showcase of advanced solutions, all geared towards enhancing attendees’ e-commerce initiatives so they can stay ahead of the game.

Focus: Digital commerce

Numbers: 10,000+ visitors expected, 250 exhibitors, 200 lectures & keynotes

More information:

Ecommerce Berlin Expo (Berlin, Feb 22 2024)

With a participant count exceeding 10,000, the Ecommerce Berlin Expo ranks among Europe’s premier e-commerce events.

Focusing exclusively on the e-commerce industry, this platform unites professionals, businesses, entrepreneurs, and experts to facilitate knowledge exchange and explore the latest trends and technologies within the sector.

Focus: E-commerce

Numbers: 10,000 attendees and 250 exhibitors in 2023.

More information:

World Retail Congress (Paris, Apr 16–18 2024)

The World Retail Congress (WRC) convenes retailers, industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals.

It serves as a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation within the retail community, enabling attendees to learn, connect, and develop concrete strategies for the upcoming year.

The theme for 2024 is “High-Performance Retail,” aiming to be the ultimate destination for learning about features that grant a competitive edge.

Focus: E-commerce

Numbers: 700 attendees in 2023

More information:

eTail (London, Jun 25–26, 2024)

As with its American and Canadian counterparts, eTail Europe is tailored to assist visitors in boosting their online business profitability.

They do so by offering interactive, strategy-focused sessions, peer-to-peer discussions, and connections with leading figures from the UK retail sector and the world.

Focus: E-commerce & Omnichannel Retail.

Numbers: Around 140 companies attended in 2022.

More information:

Paris Retail Week (Paris, Sep 17–19 2024)

Paris Retail Week is a significant annual event in the retail industry, held in the vibrant city of Paris. This comprehensive trade fair serves as a convergence point for professionals, experts, and companies spanning various sectors of the retail ecosystem.

The event’s primary objective is to showcase the latest innovations, trends, and technologies in the retail industry while fostering valuable networking and business opportunities for all participants.

Focus: Retail

Numbers: 20,000 participants, 370 exhibitors, 200+ conferences and workshops

More information:

Ecommerce Expo (London Sep 18–19, 2024)

Ecommerce Expo serves as a focal point for UK-based online retail companies. The event is free for e-commerce professionals and their teams, providing opportunities for upskilling in customer acquisition, retention, payments, operations, logistics, and cross-border online trade.

Focus: E-commerce

Numbers: 12,000 attendees in 2023

More information:

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