How we increased conversion rate by +30% and improved response time by more than 350% for a multi-million-pound global brand and retailer

Pretty Green case study

Pretty Green is a fashion brand founded by Liam Gallagher, one of the most iconic frontmen in music. We began our ongoing engagement in late 2015. Due to a huge increase in popularity and significant growth, Pretty Green faced new technological challenges in outgrowing their existing e-commerce platform, resulting in intermittent performance and insufficient integration capabilities. Mirumee was asked to replatform the shop, integrate it with third-party solutions, and build a new server infrastructure.



What we did: 
BackEnd, FrontEnd, UX/UI Design, Product Ownership

<1 Second

Response time


Conversion rate



Problems to solve

  • Stability of the platform, especially during traffic peaks
  • Overall performance and response time
  • Lack of flexibility for third-party integrations
  • Lack of responsive design for mobile devices

Our goals

  • Reduce response time, especially during peak periods
  • Provide capacity for future expansion and integrations
  • Improve scalability and change the server architecture
  • Reduce infrastructure maintenance costs
  • Establish a style guide that promotes a consistent design experience

Better Ecommerce Platform

Fast growing e-commerce businesses usually experience some common, almost unavoidable challenges: technical debt accumulated over the years, a lack of flexibility to integrate external software, and the growing risk of server downtime and ever-increasing maintenance costs. A multi-million dollar e-commerce business requires a scalable, extremely fast and efficient platform that can be easily customized for its needs. Our goal was to find a lifetime solution that could enable further consistent development.

We chose our own Saleor solution, one of the most popular open source e-commerce platforms, as the right option for Pretty Green. We have wide-ranging e-commerce development expertise, and with Saleor we knew we could utilize even the most advanced features to offer something truly exceptional to the client.

The CMS was fully customized, allowing Pretty Green specialists to easily adapt to the new environment of the whole platform experience.

Reliability and Scalability

The biggest challenge for Pretty Green digital team, headed up by Tim Kalic, was to maintain continuity of service, especially during pre-holiday shopping and major sales events like Black Friday.

We utilized Google Analytics to identify the problem and find the critical path of users. We then created a predicted traffic simulation to future-proof the stability of the platform for a rapidly growing e-commerce business.

Fast, Modern Infrastructure

We built the solution around Amazon Web Services, to ensure that all major upticks in visits are smoothly handled. The new architecture automatically scales up and down as needed, thereby limiting long-term maintenance costs—a significant boon for any company.

The results are as sharp as the Pretty Green clothing collection. The new system has not dropped even a single order, and this stunning performance is further confirmed by 99.99% uptime since implementation.


Rebuilding the platform allowed us to tightly integrate a number of third-party solutions into the e-commerce platform, thus optimizing both the user experience and the statistical data and analytic tools required by Pretty Green. It gave the company a better understanding of their clients and their particular needs for the future, thereby allowing them to plan accordingly and maximize profits. The company has also seen no disruption to business processes such as ERP; in fact, they became noticeably more efficient as a result of the new platform.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Downtime for business can be costly. 81% estimate the cost of 60 minutes of downtime to be as much as $300,000.

We deliver the necessary software and have a specialized team in place to fix any problems before they affect the customer’s business. In addition, our monitoring tools have allowed Pretty Green to save money by scaling down their server architecture, allowing business expansion but with a smaller IT footprint.

Design and UX

A significant portion of Pretty Green’s traffic was from mobile, but the lack of a mobile responsive design negatively affected the company’s income. It was also important to implement a design changeover without disruption for the end-user.

The look and feel of the existing shop was recreated with some adjustments. Intensive work on the UX of the site improved conversion rates and increased the average length of visit. The whole checkout experience was redesigned, making it clearer and more intuitive.

We considerably increased sales by placing a heavy emphasis on making the shop fully responsive and creating a pleasurable shopping experience for mobile users.

Pretty Green expanded cooperation with Mirumee to include two strategically important projects.

Pretty Green Japan

Bringing the independent Japanese version of the website into the same stack as the rest of the technology was a long-term goal for the company, allowing them to use one code base and switch additional features such as loyalty points and additional shipping and payment types on and off by region. The challenges of different time zones, advanced translations, and adapting the site behavior to a different cultural expectations were all solved through.

Machine learning

Pretty Green, a technology-first retailer, felt that Mirumee could augment their push for data-driven business thanks to our knowledge of their existing systems and trusted team. Our machine learning implementation automates the process of choosing and displaying items for sale and recommendation, and started generating results such as a 6.25% increase in recommendation clicks and a 5.5% jump in average order value within the first weeks. The team are now expanding and refining the data science engine to lead Pretty Green into the machine learning era.


improved e-commerce


improved average
order value


recommendation clicks



The response time of the website has improved dramatically. We’re down around the 1-second mark whereas we were previously averaging from 3.5 to 4 seconds. We've also been able to maintain that response time during extremely high traffic. There has been a marked increase in conversions and revenue. Mirumee has a highly skilled, passionate, and responsive team that is able to produce high-quality results.

Tim K., Head of Digital, Pretty Green

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